lunes, 8 de mayo de 2017


Even without the results confirmed, we know that our Students have done an excellent test. We are sure based on the examiner´s feedback. She was impressed with the ability of our students in the use of the english language and she congratulated the students and also the teachers. Well done everybody!!!!!


As you know the next 18-19 of May our 3 graders are taking the Trinity test.
They have been working really hard with the teacher Sandra and the assistants but anyway here you are some activities they can go over to work at home.

Topics for grade 4 conversation:

  • Holidays
  • Shopping
  • School and work
  • Hobbies and sports
  • Food
  • Weekend and seasonal activities.

This is a perfect web to review :

Grade 4 trinity

Topics for grade 3 conversation

  • Jobs 
  • Places in the local area 
  •  Place of study

  •  Home life 
  •  Weather 
  •  Free time 
  •  Times and dates 
  •  Ordinal numbers up to 31st 

Great web to review:

Grade 3 Trinity

viernes, 10 de marzo de 2017


As you know we share different projects with one school in England: Chalkhill Primary. This time we have made a video showing each others our school. 

Thank you for sharing with us your school. We hope you like ours.

miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2016

Christmas 2016

                   Christmas Traditions in England                          

  Here you are some Christmas Carols to sing along the holidays!!


                                          SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN

                                                      Rudolph the red nose reindeer

                                               All I want for Christmas is you

                                                        So this is Christmas. John Lennon

jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2016

Here we are again!

Once more all the teachers in La Fuencisla want to welcome you. We are really excited to have you in our classroom and we are looking forward to starting our learning adventure. Enjoy it!

martes, 28 de junio de 2016

Good Luck to our Language Assistants

This year we have been very lucky with our 4 assistants. They have been very helpful to the teachers and the students and they have worked a lot to teach us their American culture.

But we have to say goodbye to 3 of them; we wish them all the luck and we want to tell them that they will be always welcome in our school and they are part of our family from now on.